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Monday, January 16, 2012

Chicago City Rats

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   Female rats become reproductive at four months old.  We think males are fertile at three   

   months of age. On average, the birth rate is seven litters of 8 pups each per year.

Figuring that a four month old female rat would produce 58 babies of which half would be female, in one year, by exponential growth, production could be as follows:

In April, 28 females would produce 112 females.  In August, 448 females would be birthed, and in December, 1792 females would be born. We believe that we would add 1 + 28 + 112 + 448 + 1792, for a total of 2381 female rats including the first four month old female.  Let’s consider that twice this total could be both males and females at 4762 rats.

It is likely that 50% of the total offspring, males and females, would not survive their first year.  We took half of the total population estimated; thereby, using 2381 rats as the base maturing number. Our Mayor, Richard M. Daley, through his city-wide brochures, declares that less than twenty years ago there were over 6 to 8 million rats within the City of Chicago, whereas, now there are less than 500,000.  His literature has been out there for public consumption for a number of years, using the same numbers, if City estimates of 500,000 rats remain a static population from year to year.   We calculated that 2381 x 500,000 would be 11,955,000 rats. In order to maintain a 500,000 rat force, 11,455,000 would be the annual mortality number.

The only reason this rat population scenario has been prepared is to show the Chicago citizenry just how bogus and ridiculous are the public population estimates that have been repeatedly presented as factual.

Nowhere within City Government, can one find information regarding rats within the City’s  infrastructure.  What one will hear will be the dogma referring to dog feces, a  source of food for rats, and the negligent use of garbage containers. Dated posters, placed on telephone poles, announce  that alley rats have been targeted in most alleys.

For the most part, the City will not enter anyone’s property to do rat abatement unless they receive permission from the property owner.  How, then, can rodent crews properly bait alleys?  They cannot effectively treat alleys without wholesale approval to enter adjacent private property from all home owners.  Saying that, we know the rodent crews also do not address the difficult to reach rat travel areas within the sewer systems, both private and public.

We know that Streets and Sanitation will send out rodent crews to examine a property or multiple properties when such is requested by a neighborhood group.  They will place bait in rat burrows, and will inspect yards and garages, but they will never publicly identify a reason for rat presence that comes up from the city’s infrastructure.

Our many years of experience with rat calls from Chicago’s citizenry has shown to us that 9 out of 10 calls about rats on a property are generated from the private property sewer, arriving there from the public sewer system.

Exceptions to this ratio are found in unkempt neighborhoods that show no regard for sanitation within or without their homes.  This condition would be found in low income tenement housing where there is an absence of owner occupancy.

American Eagle Pest Elimination offers a two pronged service that presents permanent elimination of rats. First we eliminate an existing population, and then we offer all structural corrections that will prevent future rat presence. That service is guaranteed if the property owner permits our company to maintain annual property inspections subsequent to the correction work.

We offer a neighborhood block inspection for any block within metropolitan Chicago for a nominal fee which will report correctly the source of anyone’s rat problem and how the rats arrived.  Individual property owners who learn that they harbor rat presence have the option to use our service for a fee.  We describe one city block as the buildings whose properties back up to a given alley.

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