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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rats Don't Come In From The Cold To Get Out Of The Weather

My purpose is to inform, and at times correct misinformation. If this is not acceptable to EVERYBLOCK then I will accept my name being removed from this site.
I am an expert, well known all over the country and even outside of the USA. I have been a resident of Chicago since 1961.
We are at the top of our field says all of the referral lists that link to Chicago rat concerns. The one organization that shuns any public debate with George Manning is the City of Chicago. The latest news blip picked up by radio, television, and major newspapers was badly covered and not broad enough to be truly informative. I know that the severe cold vs. Rat migration went viral and caught on in our City. Simply stated: rats have already established surface locations prior to the freeze. They did not pick up and move inside. The greater populations do live below our city streets, getting their sustenance from the city sewer system. They are able to migrate to our building sewers and exit in various places, often within the buildings where they can exit to the
outside and move inside and out at will. Citizens get the impression that rats gnawed into the buildings from the outside. This does happen but moreover the reverse is fact.
Reaching our office can help to get information. We also survey whole blocks for a nominal fee as a public service. Such surveys will provide the wheres and wherefores that are not available through City of Chicago services.
. Doing things the same way and wasting funds over and over again frustrate those who read the rat posters in most of Chicago's allies. It may be time for the City to commit funds to a think tank of professionals that will move into new territory away from the sameo-sameo.
By the way, the references by your members to APS were referring to our company , American Eagle Pest Elimination, Inc. d/b/a American Pest Solutions.
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